1. The committee should focus on Health Education, Health Promotion, Health Protection and Disease Prevention.

2. To assist the community coordinate activity that will lead to increased health capacity, developed improved health policy, service environment and health outcomes.

3. Provide informal counseling, health screenings, and referrals.

4. Build community capacity to address health issues.

5. To focus mobilize resources for community health.

6. To form social network with actors in community healthcare all over the world in view of obtaining health information and aids for the benefit of Ifite Community.

7. To institute health workforce in the community and health facility Management Committee.

8. To identify and respond to important health issues in the community especially amongst those that are the vulnerable and marginalized.

9. Establish and use their contacts to attract medical aids and outreach to the community.

10. Connect vulnerable populations to healthcare providers and social service systems available anywhere.

11. Providing culturally appropriate health education on topics related to chronic disease prevention, physical activity, and nutrition.


1. Dr. Mrs. Chinyere Akoh         (Coordinator)

2. Prof Chike Akoh

3. Dr. Gab Onuegbu  (Assistant Secretary)

4. Pharm. Gab Ezeaguba

5. Dr. Emeka Ezeaso         (Assistant Coordinator)

6. Dr. Anayo Adachie

7. Phar. Chidiogo Ezeaguba

8. Dr. Chinedu Okoli         (Secretary)

9. Pharm. Tochi Okoli

10. Pharm. Jude Udoye

11. Uba Nwanagu

12. Victor Ifezue

13. Dr. Ik Chidolue