1. To coordinate the activities of Ifite Elders.

2. To ensure that interest of Ifite community is prioritized wherever on any issue whatsoever.

3. To ensure that Ifite is refocused to rediscover itself and retake a front lead on all matters of interest in Nanka and beyond.

4. To assist and corporate with Ifite Leadership in keying in and accomplishing (2) above.

5. To use their resources, wisdom, knowledge, influence and contact to attract human and infrastructural development.

6. To act as advisory body to the Ifite people and Leadership of Ifite.

7. To deliberate as an intervention on any worrisome matter disturbing Ifite as may be referred to them by I.P.U Leadership


1. Chief Cyprian Okafor

2. Chief Emma Onuegbu

3. Chief Peter Nwachukwu

4. Chief John Ezenwankwor

5. Chief Emma Anyadike

6. Chief Emma Adimorah (Chairman)

7. Chief Onyeanusi Rufus

8. Chief John Ezeogwum (Vice Chairman)

9. Chief Joseph Ekwosimba

10. Chief Samuel Ezemaduka

11. Chief Ruby Okafor

12. Chief Gab Chidolue

13. Chief Nathan Nwodika (Ide Nanka)

14. Chief Jonathan Onuegbu

15. Chief Isaiah Molokwu

16. Chief Air Cdr. Chuka Ifezue (Secretary)

17. Chief Marcel Okoye

18. Chief Benedict Ezekoli

19. Chief Raphael Nwana

20. Chief Fredrick Okoye Maduagwu

21. Chief Mathias Okoye Maduagwu

22. Chief Don. Okoye Maduagwu

23. Chief Lawrence Umeh

24. Chief Godwin Nwosu Okeke

25. Chief Innocent Ezekafor

26. Chief Ferdinand Okafor (OBU)

27. Chief Francis Nwankwo Onu

28. Chief Alex Igwilo

29. Chief Josiah Ezeobi

30. Chief Joel Onyeanusi

31. Prof. Bartho Onyeanusi

32. Chief Gilbert Atu Okoli

33. Chief Godwin Okafor

34. Chief Oge Ekemezie

35. Chief Chidebe Ezegbo

36. Chief Ferdinand Oforkaja

37. Engr. Augustine Oforkaja

38. Capt. Nelson Orazulume

39. Chief Dam Orazulume

40. Mr. Samuel Okeke (Sabina)

41. Nze Lazarus Admorah

42. Mr. Gilbert Ezeadanike

43. Mr. Mike Onwudiegwu

44. Mr. Daniel Nwokeke Nnoli

45. Mr. Vincent Nnoli

46. Nze Hycient Nwankwor

47. Pharm. Gabriel Ezeaguba

48. Prof. Dan Nwachukwu Ezekoli

49. Mr. Sunday Ezekoli

50. Ichie Francis Ezeibe

51. Ichie Nze Nwafor Ejiaka

52. Chief Francis Ekemezie

53.Chief Hycient Chigbo