Committee Mandate:

1. To re-awaken academic consciousness in the minds of Ifite indigenes.

2. Identification of all indigent children of Ifite Eziama who dropped out of school for wont of funds for possible assistance.

3. To ensure that any boy or girl from Ifite Eziama will not end his/her academic pursuit until he/she attains at least Junior Secondary School.

4. Organize career guidance and counseling for students of Ifite Eziama from time to time.

5. Link or seed our youths to Ifite experts who have excelled in their respective professions for mentoring and endeavour to do a follow up on both ends.

6. Engage in bringing our children closer to technical and vocational studies based on child’s assessed individual capabilities.

7. To expose students to available scholarship programs being offered by different entities or foundations worldwide.

8. Periodically organize and execute holiday classes for pupils and students of Ifite.

9. To assist artisans in Ifite to set and obtain trade certificates in their respective vocation.

10. To work out modalities for the establishment of adult education classes in Ifite.

11. To constitute Ifite Scholarship Board.

12. To source for funds from legitimate sources or foundations worldwide to meet up with the tasks assigned to them.

13. Share ideas and information with other Ifite Progressive Union committees.

14. To do other things ancillary to the foregoing with the consent of Ifite Community.

15. The committee can dissolve itself into departments for all inclusive accomplishments.


1. Distinguished Prof. Chike C. Akoh (Coordinator)

2. Dr. Paulinus Nwankwo (Assistant Coordinator)

3. Mr. Kingsley O. Onuzulike (Secretary)

4. Lady Francisca Ngozi Okeke (Assistant Secretary)

5. Rev. Fr. Dr. Damian Nwankwo)

6. Mrs. Stella Ebele Okafor

7. Mrs. Akueyinwa Ibe

8. Dr. Mrs. Nneamaka Chiegboka

9. Mrs. Regina Nwokedi

10. Prof. Gabriel Ifeanyi Okafor

11. Mr. Paschal S. Okafor

12. Pastor Ugochukwu Ifezue

13. Mrs. Grace Ifeyinwa Onyeanusi

14. Prof. John Nwankwo

15. Mr. Chinweuba Okonkwo