1. To within shortest possible time upon inauguration review the program and practice of erosion management in Ifite and produce a blue print for improvements.

2. To track ecological fund and attract same to the community.

3. To assess with relative accuracy the mass of land of Ifite that have been consumed by Erosion.

4. To obtain historical account and data of indigenes of Ifite that have been displaced by Erosion.

5. Inspect, monitor and apprehend persons whose activities impact negatively or are counterproductive to efforts towards checkmating erosion manse at the erosion sites and sanction them accordingly.

6. To be in total charge of Erosion management in Ifite.

7. To work hand in hand with taskforce on Flood control to ensure effective erosion management in Ifite.

8. Where necessary represent Ifite in any meeting called by any corporate body or agency touching on any issue on erosion.


1. Engr. Rufus Onyeanusi (Chairman)

2. Engr. David Okeke (Vice Chairman)

3. Dozie Ilo (Secretary)

4. Prof. John Nwankwor

5. Arc. Ruby Okafor

6. Mr. Alex Igwilo

7. Gabriel Ezemaduka

8. Nwachukwu Anaedum

9. Arc. Obinna Anaeto

10. Engr. Ikechukwu Ibejekwe

11. Surv. Kenechukwu Ezeaguba         (Assistant Secretary)

12. Rev. Eric Chidoolue

13. Rev Fr. Damian Nwankwo

14. Ichie Clement Umeh

15. Arc. Uzochukwu Animalu

16. Chief Jonathan Onuegbu (Marshal)