1. To establish Ifite Accounting System for effective tracking, monitoring and managing financial transactions in Ifite Community.

2. To ex-ray the community and identify sources from which Ifite will be generating its revenue internally to complement or if possible as substitute for levies.

3. To produce a clear template on item (b) above.

4. To establish Ifite automated payment system for categories of payments where necessary.

5. To capture all taxable male adults in each Umunna in Ifite.

6. To examine mode of payment of levies in Ifite and determine cases where women could be levied.

7. Advise on categories of persons that will be exempted from levies.



1. Mr. Ezenwosu Cyprian (Coordinator)

2. Mr. Simon Ezeike

3. Engr. Obinna Ezeilo

4. Mr. Okeke Uche Samuel (Secretary)

5. Engr. Chinazo Ofokaja


6. Kingsley Okey Onuzulike (Coordinator)

7. Mr. Dozie Ilo (Assistant Coordinator)

8. Mr. Nwachukwu Anaedum

9. Mr. Jude Okoli

10. Ichie Aloy Ezekafor

11. Pastor Ugochukwu Ifezue

12. Mr. Abuchi Ifezue

13. Barr. Vincent Ibeh