1. To ensure that I.P.U flag is hoisted at the premises where any form of event is going on in Ifite such as burial/funerals, ozo, ichie tittles, opening/warming of houses, memorial service ceremony, celebration of honours, wedding and child naming receptions etc.

2. To ensure that anybody hosting any ceremony (above) paid for, collected and hoist Ifite flag in the premises/venue where any ceremony is to be held in Ifite Community.

3. To collect the Bank deposit payment tellers/slip for evidence of payment by the applicants/celebrant for the collection of the flag as well as presentation of clearance letter from the chairman of Umunna of non-indebtedness of Umunna and Ifite Community.

4. To ensure that the flag when collected is returned in due date (burials = 4 days, other celebrations = 3 days maximum)

5. To collect penalties from the applicants/celebrants for late return of the flag and issue a payment receipt in respect thereof.

6. To regularly monitor and report any non-compliance promptly to the head of Ifite vigilante for effective recovery of the fines/penalties from the offenders


1. Mr. Dominic Okoye Maduagwu       –        Administrator

2. Mr. Anthony Nwankwor                  –        Uhuaga Axis Flag Collection Centre

3. Nze Bedford Anigbogu           –        Umundu/Ndunanebo Flag Centre

4. Mr. Uchenna Nwankwor Akum       –        Obeagu Flag Collection Centre

5. Mr. Benedict Ezeokoli             –        Udo-egbo Flag Collection Centre

6. Ifeanyi Egbu                                     –        Deputy Administrator

7. Ezemaduka Gabriel                          –        Secretary