1. To keep an eye on our children, help and protect children in the street, homes and schools to be better equipped with better emotional skills, as well as more physical skills.

2. Monitor parents and educate them on parenting styles including finding strategies to deal with difficult children.

3. To assist the parents, local schools and community to handle disruptive children ensuring that any child that loiters the street during school hour is taken to the school or parents and handled appropriately.

4. To identify and provide support to the elderly and senior citizens especially the vulnerable as well as persons suffering from anxiety, depression and anger issues recommending them to the community and other different organizations for help emotional and other supports.

5. To handle all issue with youth’s involvement in drug addiction and other banned substances and counsel them appropriately and in extreme cases recommend any person to be handed over to appropriate government agency by the community.

6. To critically look into abuse of drugs, sale and consumption of hard drugs and other banned substances and come out with a blueprint of short and long term measure the community should take to address the problem.

7. To freely coopt other persons volunteers and design their own template to accomplish their task.


1. Dr. Emeka Ezeaso

2. Mrs. Akueyinwa Ibe (Assistant Secretary)

3. Rev. Eric Chidolue (Secretary)

4. Cannon  Rev. Rufus Sunday Ezeokolonkwo (Assistant Coordinator)

5. Barr. Sunday David Eze

6. Rev. Fr. Damian Nwankwo (Coordinator)