1. To be in charge of flooding and flood control in Ifite and its environs.

2. To ensure that gutters, water channels and catchment pits are free at all times and to apprehend any person whose action or conduct or activities is likely to cause or causing any form of blockage to flow of or retaintion of flood water.

3. Identify and name all compounds without catchment pit (umi).

4. Identify and number catchment pits (ogwugwu) in Ifite roads.

5. From time to time suggest where more catchment pits should be dug.

6. To catch and fine those who burns waste inside drainages within Ifite axis

7. Monitor all public gutters and catch those who are dumping refuses into gutters to block easy water flow.

8. To enforce rules relating to blockage and cleaning of water channels.

9. To enforce the rule makes it mandatory that flood water from one house or person’s territory does not enter another person’s compound or territory.

10. In charge of annual maintenance of roads/ogwugwu mmiri/drainages

11. Map out strategies for periodic road works in Ifite and supervise same.

12. Collect all fines from persons that contradicted the Ifite sanitary or flood control measure/absentees from annual ogwugwu works.


1. Mr. Ifeanyichukwu Egbue (Chairman)

2. Mr. Sunday Echelebo (Vice Chairman)

3. Mr. Obumneme Okafor (Poto)  (Secretary)

4. Cajethan Edeimobi (Assistant Secretary)

5. Mr. Uche Ezenwankwo

6. Mr. Somuadina Echelebo       

7. Mr. Ifedilichukwu Ezeadum

8. Mr. Fedrick Nwokedike

9. Mr. Ifeanyi Onuegbu

10. Mr. Innocent Ejike

11. Mr. Mmaduabuchi Ezegbo

12. Mr. Mbakwe Ogwunihu

13. Mr. Sunday Muodum

14. Mr. Ezemaduka Gabriel

15. Mr. Ugochukwu Chigbo

16. Mr. Sunday Ilechukwu

17. Ichie Clement Umeh

18. Mr. Edwin Ilechukwu

19. Mr. Josephat Nwankwo

20. Mr. Emma Nwankwor (Afonja)

21. Mr. Bedford Anigbogu

22. Mr. Hyacinth Ezeokolonkwo