1. To create and produce a cadastral or ariel plan of Ifite Community.

2. Make recommendation on how further development could be peacefully achieved on (a) by respective land owners without injuring a neighbor or community interest.

3. To negotiate and reopen all track and motorable roads closed in Ifite.

4. To identify and create new motorable roads in in Ifite and where possible expand existing ones.

5. To enter into any land where any form of construction is going on or about to go on and review, comment or give further directive on what should be done in line with Ifite Policy on land and future development.

6. To research, design and develop programs that will create a broad vision for the community in the management of the available private and communal land space within the community for residential and industrial zone.

7. To regulate any construction project on Ifite land to ensure that sufficient allowance is made for road or setback on road/drainages.

8. To review the site and architectural design of Ifite Hall as it is presently and advice on how it can be redesigned to maximize its capacity and packing lot.

9. To earmark and thereafter design the site for recreational (civic) area and market area in Ifite Community Land that is not in dispute.

10. To advise on policy matters regarding Community Planning including rules that will guide same.

11. To prepare Ifite towards it’s becoming an urban community in the nearest future.

12. To function as Arbitrator when dispute arise on land use matter but not on title to land.

13. To co-opt any Ifite indigene as its field agent.

14. To adopt their rules of procedure suitable for the community to achieve their mandate.

15. To do such other things that may be assigned to them from time to time by Ifite Leadership.


1. Arc. Ruby Okafor         (Assistant Coordinator)

2. Arc. Ben Ezeaguba

3. Arc. Iwuchukwu Okafor

4. Arc. Chukwujekwu Ezeaguba

5. Surv. Kenechukwu Ezeaguba (Assistant Secretary)

6. Engr. Okwudili Ezeaso

7. Mr. Raphael Chukwudi Okoli

8. Engr. Ike Eze

9. Engr. Ibejekwe Ikechukwu

10. Engr. Dilinna Ofokaja

11. Engr. Okwudili Ezeugwa (Coordinator)

12. Engr. Anthony Amazu

13. Engr. Obinna Anaeto

14. Arc. Uzochukwu Animalu

15. Engr. Okwudili Olisakwe

16. Engr. Mark Anthony Okafor

17. Engr. Uzochukwu Ceasar Onuegbu (Secretary)

18. Engr. Aloy Nduka

19. Mr. Jude Okoli

20. Mr. Kingsley Okey Onuzulike